"...committed to confronting members of cults with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."


Sounding Board

The Baha'i Faith

In Atlanta, the summer of 1996 was “Olympic” focused. So were many of the locally represented cults. One in particular was the Baha’i Faith. They had two “Racial Unity Celebration - Mankind is One” events in community parks before the Olympics came to town. They wanted to put their best foot forward by having them open to the public and by inviting local community leaders such as the Mayor of Roswell, a retired Police Chief and an Evangelical Baptist Preacher. And it had lots of cultural music.

John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word,
en arche en ho logos

and the Word was with God,
kai ho logos en pros ton theon

and God was the Word.
kai theos en ho logos.

Unity School of Christianity

They publish magazines named Daily Word and Unity. They have one of the largest religious mail order services in the world. They are the Unity School of Christianity (USC), and they are a pseudo-Christian cult.

The Daily Word is read by some Christians who are not aware of the heresy behind the biblical terminology it uses. Sometimes Christian study groups use the Daily Word as a devotional guide.

The Urantia Book

"There is a new book that offers you fresh solutions to age old problems, reassurance about the future, and personal peace of mind. It's called The Urantia Book (Urantia means Earth). The Urantia book is a treasury of spiritual truth and intellectual insights.... illuminated by spiritual wisdom, its teachings address your problems and your needs." Introduction to the Urantia Book (Boulder, CO: The Jesusonian Foundation, 1988).

A Course in Whose Miracles?

The book A Course in Miracles (CM), first published in 1976 by the Foundation for Inner Peace in Tiburon, CA, has, it seems, taken the country by storm. Millions of Americans have come to the spiritual buffet table called the New Age Movement (NAM) and have selected this book as their main course. As a result of its popularity, thousands of CM study groups have formed.

Benny Hinn

How to view Benny Hinn has been hotly debated among Christians for many years, more so since 1993 when Hinn announced to the masses that he had repented of false teaching, particularly Word-Faith teachings. Hinn's announcement of repentance was met with skepticism from those engaged in apologetics-type ministries. This was mostly because Hinn had done the same before, repenting only to turn back to former teachings. This time around, however, Hinn has added credibility to his repentance -- in 1994 the Assemblies of God denomination ordained Hinn.

A Consideration for Christian Scientists: World View Imposition

As I walked by the First Church of Christ, Scientist outside the campus of Harvard University, I could not help but notice the verse of Scripture on the sign in the front lawn: "I am God; there is none else." This quotation from Isaiah 45:22 stopped me in my tracks. "Amazing," I thought. "It is just amazing how two people can read the same verse from the Bible, and yet interpret it in two entirely different ways!"